Holly Williams, CMT Mindful, Clinically Effective Bodywork

 What My Clients Say

I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.   

"Holly- For the FIRST TIME in a LONG TIME I was able to sleep on my right side with NO PAIN THANKS TO YOU! Thank you soooooo much for the massage!"  - Troy 

"Absolutely perfect pressure... Holly really listened to my saga of neck and shoulder pain and focused her treatment accordingly and more so than any other therapist I've been treated by here. Very personable young woman with a definite gift for this work. I'm very grateful for her expertise"  - Kate

"Excellent Pressure. Wonderfully warm hands and terrific touch - good at working points... This was one of the best Shiatsu massages I have had here! You have a great touch and approach, ability to work muscles."  - Barbara

"Holly pointed out some stretches to help with chest knot and neck tightness - no one before offered extra information after [the] session - that was [a] nice touch leaving me with the feeling to want to return."  - Ken

"Perfect pressure - firm and steady... I especially appreciated reminders to relax and reassurances of 'I've got you' when I was having trouble letting my head or legs droop... Overall a great massage and experience! Thank you!"  - Julie


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